My mother is an  artist so I grew up around art. As a child she would sit at the dining table doing sculpture while myself and my 3 sisters would watch. We of course would want to play with the clay or draw with our crayons while she did her thing. As I grew older, being the only boy, I had to explore my more.. adventurous and dangerous side, and being as it was the 1970's that was an...interesting time to do it. I always however would sketch or draw just to kill time. Eventually I decided to try some sculpting so I took up Raku pottery as well as terracotta sculpting. As an adult I pursued it more and more and enjoyed it thoroughly..except for the difficulty firing and the science behind glazing. During this time my pieces were in 3 galleries, 2 in Houston area and 1 in New Mexico.

Because of life and my other chosen work I found it more and more difficult to keep up with so I took a break. After a long break and my creative side being used in construction, I felt the need to do art again..this time, with 3 young children of my own to raise as a single father, I decided perhaps painting would be a little less involved..lol..well at least no kilns. 

I took up painting with acrylics and enjoyed it while my kids hung out and drew pictures and such. Once again life, as it does, threw me some curves so I again took a break. I then decided " I want to try oil painting " so I started doing so..another curve came up,children grown,new wife and very very busy business forced me to set it aside again.

Then a massive heart attack !

After the heart attack the doctor said " son you have to take it down a few notches, stress will kill you!"

So here I am painting again...it is "my peaceful place"

I hope you enjoy what you see.


Alan Wilcox